caracol-belizeCaracol is the largest Maya site in Belize. It’s about a 2 hour drive from San Ignacio located near the Guatemalan border.

Back in it’s hey day in 650AD, the urban radius around this site was 10km and counted for a population of 140,000! thats almost twice as many in the current Belize City┬átoday!

What’s so fascinating is the fact that there is and was no water source near by and these guys dug reservoirs and collected rainwater to grow there agriculture on terraces and supply the population with water. Would have loved to have an aerial shot of the site from a drone that my friend has www.droneworxs.com.au.

What it is now is an awesome reminder of how Mayan life could have been and the fact that the area is now lush rain forest you can also get the added benefit of bird watching here as it is teaming with wildlife.

Get a guided tour of this place if you can as the history is fascinating and covers everything from how the nobles and peasants lived and the astronomical observatory, plaza groups, ball courts and heaps of other structures. The grand site seeing structure would be the pyramid named Caana which sits 43 metres above the forest floor and has three temples on top of its massive base.

This day trip will not disappoint, just remember if you are not on a tour with lunch provided pack some snacks and drinking water as you will be walking a lot and you are in the middle of the jungle so no store’s nearby.


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