Belize City

belize-st-johns-cathedralThis city was once the capital of former British Honduras and has around 60,000 in population. Located on the mouth¬†of¬†Haulover creek, which runs into the Belize river and just a short five miles from the Caribbean sea making it the country’s main port. The city is divided into two from the Haulover creek boundary, of cause you have Northside and Southside.

Top 5 things to do and see:
1 – Saint John’s Cathedral was built from 1812-1820
2 – Fort George which has colonial sights like Memorial Park, Baron Bliss Grave, Baron Bliss Lighthouse and Museum of Belize.
3 – Southside houses some of the cities poorest people and seeing the ‘London bridges’ made from old pallets, low strung poles are located in Collet, Port Loyola and Lake Independence. (Only if you are game!!)
4 – East side has Albert and Queens square.
5 – Swing Bridge located near market square is the only operational manually operated swing bridge in the world.

To be honest a full day in this city is enough to see all the sights and get a taste of what difference the relaxed people are like outside compared to the city counterparts. Crime is quite high and most tourist don’t feel safe at all.

You may ask why even cover this city at all? Well you fly into there and just want to make it clear that this is not the Belize you would have come to see and experience. My suggestion – Give it a big miss.

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